In order to respond to the new coronavirus infectious disease, this service implements the following.

  • All crew members wear masks.
  • Alcohol disinfection is performed on the parts touched by customers when cleaning after getting off.
  • Thorough ventilation during riding.

<About use of this service>

This service does not fall under public transportation, so it can be used as a means of transportation from the airport. Airports currently perform PCR tests, which may take some time. Even after entering the flight number, you can change the boarding time by clicking the departure time below, so please set a sufficient time.

In addition, no cancellation fee will be charged if you cannot get on the bus due to flight delay / cancellation / PCR inspection. Please contact support ( without canceling yourself. We may be able to wait for some delay, so please contact support.

<About chartered vehicle>
We also make private reservations. Please contact support after making the reservation below.

  • Narita Airport: Book as 6 adults
  • Haneda Airport: Reserved for 4 adults

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