<Corona Countermeasures for the Service>

As a response to the new coronavirus infection, we are implementing the following measures for this service.

All crew members are taking regular temperature checks and frequently checking their physical condition.

All crew members must wear masks.

We disinfect the parts of the car that customers come in contact with with alcohol when cleaning after getting off the train.

Please make sure the ride is well ventilated.

Please refrain from riding if you are not feeling well on the day of the ride.

Please wear a mask.

Please note that you may have to open the windows for ventilation.

If you fail to do so, you may be denied a ride.

<Use of the Service>

This service is only available to those who have a negative PCR test result for entry (for countries subject to testing). It is available. We are told that it will take 5-12 hours for the test results to come back, so stay at a nearby hotel Please make an appointment on a prerequisite basis, as we cannot make any use of this service before the results of the PCR test are available. Please note. (We cannot provide transportation to and from your home to wait for test results) When will the PCR test results be available? For more information, please contact airport quarantine or your airline directly.

Contact Airport Quarantine: https://www.forth.go.jp/useful/ vaccination05.html

<About Charter Cars>

It is also possible to charter the bus with no other passengers. Please see below for more information on charter service. We also offer pick-up service from hotels in the vicinity of the airport for private bookings only.

Please check the following information: https://help.nearme.jp/articles/4045545

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